Sora – The Reading App

Overdrive Launches its Reading App for Students

Sora! Check it out!

Watch this video for a quick overview of the awesome things possible through Sora. Sora is the App that is replacing Overdrive. Our collection of eBooks and Audiobooks available to all KPBSD Staff and Students, Grades 6-12 remains the same; it is just accessed a bit differently.

Sora Overview Video

Search for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (Mail Collection) by entering Kenai or 99669 when looking for a library. Students log in using ID number and normal password. Staff use the employee number (make sure to change the E to a 9) and normal password.

Users can read or listen to titles accessed through Sora on a computer or most any device.

A direct link to our KBPSD Sora can be found under Students/Parents at and here KPBSD Sora.

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Coming Soon ~ Alaska Week of Code

Alaska Week of Code ~ December 9-15, 2019

Learn computer science. Change the world. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. One-hour tutorials in over 45 languages provided. No experience needed.

Alaska Hour of Code Materials

Hour of Code Sign Up

Hour of Code Activities

NEW! Hour of Code: Dance Party ~ Try it!



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New Resource @ KPBSD Newsela!

KPBSD students/staff have access to Newsela this year. Newsela is an Instructional Content Platform that supercharges engagement and learning in all content areas. Newsela can be accessed through Canvas.

Alice Montgomery from Newsela facilitated a session at Districtwide Inservice. A link to the recording is listed below for those of you who may have missed this exciting session and would like more information on how to get started using Newsela in your classroom.

Recording of Newsela Session


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Discovery Education 2019 Fall VIRTCON

Discovery Education’s fall VIRTCON is coming  Saturday, October 19, 2019. It is an annual virtual conference where DE provides personalized PD that participants can take part in from pretty much anywhere with an internet connection. VIRTCON Schedule and Information

Register Here

Participants can join as many sessions as they are interested in. Note all times listed are Eastern. Don’t miss this awesome learning opportunity.


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New Digital Resources ~ Fall 2018

KPBSD has two new options for digital content this year.

World Book Online has added eBooks to our suite of database choices. Click on the eBook icon at World Book Online to browse the collection. These eBooks are available to all KPBSD students/staff.

NEW World Book

TumbleBooks – This special subscription is available through June 2020. Includes ebooks, animated ebooks, and videos for kids in kindergarten through middle school, in English, Spanish, and French. Flash is required to access animated and video content. Available as an iOS or Android app. Paid for by the Alaska Dept. of Education and Early Development.

This is an amazing resource! Check it out. To create personalized class and student Tumbletracker accounts, contact Tumblebooks support at


Both World Book eBooks and TumbleBooks require internet connections to access. Neither have downloadable titles.

Contact Karla Barkman for more information ~ / Extention 2379.


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Middlebury Support

The best way to to let the Middlebury folks know of any issues or problems is to email or call their help desk.

Contact the Middlebury Client Support Team @ 1-800-596-0910 or

There are also video tutorials available. Click Middlebury World Languages on the right of this page to find topics covered and links to the videos.

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SMART Response VE

Did you know that SMART Response can be used with any device that can access the internet? Yes, that includes phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. You no longer need the “clickers” to use SMART technologies for student response. Watch this short video to learn how you can set it up. Call or email me if you need further instructions – OR extension 2379.


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Live Homework Help

Have you heard of Live Homework Help? Do you encourage your students to use it? If yes, awesome, then keep using it and tell other teachers about it. If you have never heard of it, you should know that all Alaskans have access to this awesome resource. It is available through SLED – Statewide Library Electronic Doorway and provided by the Alaska Library Network. The tutors are provided through

Watch the video below for information on how to access and get started with a tutoring session. If students are accessing from home, they may need login information. This cannot be posted online, but calling this number will give the needed information.


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New Releases from World Book Online

World Book Online has recently released new versions of World Book Kids, World Book Student and World Book Advanced. The newly released versions of these resources include an updated interface. Most articles include a vibrant “splash” image and tabs to help users navigate through information. World Book updates and adds images, photos, videos and articles on a continual basis. Click here to read more specifics about the new features.

World Book Kids, Student and Advanced are available to all KPBSD students and staff. See the KPBSD website Student Shortcuts section for links to these and many more World Book Products.


A World Book Online webinar will be held on Tuesday, April 28 at 9:30 am. Contact for more information.

Check out these resources soon to see the exciting changes!

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Spotlight On Strategies (SOS)

One of the recent Discovery Education resources I’ve learned about is the S.O.S series. This resource includes around 100 different strategies designed to effectively engage students when integrating digital content in the classroom. These strategies are not designed with any Web 2.0 focus in mind nor do they take a lot of time to apply. They are simple strategies that can be used immediately. One such strategy is called 3 Truths, 1 Lie, where a teacher would preview a video segment, song, audio clip or reading passage. Next four statements are created, where 3 are true and 1 is not, helping students to focus on what should be recalled from the content by asking them to choose The Lie.

Six-Word Stories is another useful strategy. Students write a summary in six words describing a video, image, or reading passage that corresponds with curriculum. Stories can be shared followed by a discussion noting the similarities and differences,

There are many more strategies available; check them out at this Discovery Education Network link – Spotlight On Strategies.


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