SMART Notebook 17.0

You may have noticed that our SMART Notebook software was recently updated. There are a few changes you should know about if you use SMART Notebook or SMART Response.

One really nice feature is that there have been several more options added to SMART Lab. Most of them have the ability for students to complete the activities on your board or on a device. You will be asked to create an account the first time using one of these online activities. The option is given to log in using a Google or Microsoft account. I recommend choosing Microsoft. Use your Outlook email address and regular password when asked for that information. Check it out!

The biggest change in this update is probably SMART Response. It is no longer separate from SMART Notebook. It is now called SMART Response 2 and is accessed in SMART Notebook. It is MUCH easier to use, but using the “Clickers” is no longer an option. In order to use SMART Response 2 with students, they must have a device with an internet connection. So if you never got around to learning how to use that case of clickers in your room, you no longer have to worry about that. If you used clickers in the past and have SMART Notebook quizzes, no worries there either. When you open a quiz made in the old version, it will convert it to a quiz you can use with Notebook 17.0.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me, Karla Barkman.

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